9 Windeyer Chambers

Flexible briefing with adaptable barristers and reliable service


Artwork “In the swell” by Joseph Rolella


9 Windeyer was established in 1984. Over the years, our Chambers has built a reputation for flexibility, adaptability and reliability.

Our 14 barristers strive to provide a high quality service, promptly and at fee levels that are tailored to the commercial pressures that are faced by all clients.

We recognise that clients need and deserve a high level of customer service. This is our point of difference. We aim to provide a high level of accessibility. We acknowledge that the relationship between barrister and solicitor is often one that requires a level of professional chemistry and we try to facilitate this when both referring and accepting work. If a barrister is unavailable to assist with a request, be it a court matter or advice work, we will provide a suitable replacement, or have a suitable suggestion tailored to your need. We won’t leave you without representation or advice at the last minute. We will only recommend a barrister who is relevantly qualified. We provide professional service, without the attitude.

Already well regarded as one of Sydney’s premier common law and insurance floors, our members also have specialist expertise in CommercialEquityBankruptcy, and Criminal law.

Please see our Practice Areas page for a comprehensive list, or alternatively contact the Clerk Anna Moule for assistance.


COVID-19 operations update:  

9 Windeyer Chambers is taking further action to reduce the potential risk and spread of COVID-19.

Our barristers and staff are working remotely where possible.

All barristers will continue to be able to be contacted on their Chambers’ telephone and email.  We have video conferencing facilities in place for conferences, mediations and court appearances where possible.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Clerk, Anna Moule email:  clerk9@windeyerchambers.com.au or 9232 2533 or mobile 0424 197 205.

We do appreciate this is a difficult time for all organisations and our community.

Thank you for continuing to work together to minimise the risks presented by COVID-19 and ensure the safety and wellbeing of us all.