John Turnbull SC

Senior Counsel

John was appointed Senior Counsel in 2015 and was called to the bar in 1983

John primarily appears in first instance and appellate cases in the Federal Court, Supreme Court and the District Court and the Personal Injury Commission. He appears for both plaintiffs and defendants.

John also acts as a mediator in a wide range of common law and equity cases.

During his early years John practised in a wide range of jurisdictions including crime, commercial cases, compensation cases, insurance cases and equity suits.

As his practice developed he specialised more in the areas of common law, commercial law and equity.

In over 30 years of practice he has conducted hundreds of first instance cases and numerous appellate matters.

Doyle’s Guide 2023 lists John as Recommended Senior Counsel in the Professional Indemnity Senior Counsel in NSW category and Recommended Senior Counsel in the Insurance Law Senior Counsel in NSW category.

Curriculum Vitae