Accommodating one Reader per Readership year; a 12 month term commencing in either May or October of each calendar year.




Our current Reader for the May 2018 intake is Brendan Jones. Brendan has significant experience in Common Law and most recently practised as a Senior Associate at a National Insurance Law firm. He has practiced in the areas of Employment, Debt recovery, Professional negligence and specialised in CTP, Public Liability and Work Injury Damages matters.

To contact Brendan for more information or request a copy of his CV from the Clerk please contact: +61 2 8224 2271 or Email:



Successful applicants are hand selected and measured based on professional achievements, reputation in the industry and ability to both contribute to and engage with the current floor culture.

We accept one Reader every 12 months, to ensure a successful development of practice for each and every applicant. Successful applicants have the benefit of being the sole junior on the floor at one time, accessing exclusive chambers support for their first year at the Bar.

The Readers’ certifying tutor must be a current member of 9 Windeyer.

Readers are heavily supported by the clerk and the floor, via practice management coaching, advocacy experience, court work and networking.

All enquiries and/or applications for Readership should be directed to the Clerk, Emma Hoolahan. Emma can advise which floor members are available as tutors.

Applications for the 2018 Readership year must be made in writing to the Clerk by 1 October 2017. Applicants should include an application letter, CV and any references to be considered.

All enquiries and applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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