Emma Hoolahan

Barristers’ Clerk

Emma is the Clerk to Chambers at 9 Windeyer.

She considers the ongoing needs of clients and provides a superior level of customer service to all clients at all levels. From solicitors to insurers, claims managers, direct access clients and in house corporate counsel. Phone calls are returned and emails are answered. No request is too basic or too complex. All enquiries are treated with the appropriate respect.

Emma is the principal point of contact and can assist with all areas of practice management; from counsels’ areas of practice and expertise, barrister availability, accepting briefs/instructions, fee information and negotiation and arranging conferences. She is the general administrator and manager of the floor.

Having clerked for the floor for over 17 years, she is very experienced and can assist with any general or specific enquiry you may have. Well regarded with clients, Emma has a thorough knowledge of counsels practice areas and welcomes any confidential enquiries solicitors or clients may have. Emma is available to be contacted by mobile outside of business hours.

9 Windeyer regularly facilitates settlement conferences whereby floor members appear on opposing sides. In these circumstances, the procedure is managed with discretion and tact and consequently, can often add to the effectiveness of the exercise.

Emma arranges several chambers CPD/CLE conferences throughout the year, both in Sydney and regional areas. If you would like more details or copies of papers presented, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Emma was elected to the organising committee of The Association for Women in Insurance in 2007 and served as President of the Association from 2011-2014. She has also previously served as a committee member for the NSW Barristers Clerks Association.

Emma is currently serving as a committee member on the NSW Claims Discussion Group, a non-profit organisation formed to promote education, discussion and networking within the insurance industry.

Emma is a member of:

  • The NSW Bar Association
  • NSW Barristers Clerks Association
  • AILA
  • NSW Claims Discussion Group

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