William Fitzsimmons SC


Appointed Senior Counsel in 2019.
William was called to the bar in 1990.

William Fitzsimmons SC was admitted as a Barrister in 1990 having previously had experience in the areas of criminal law and insurance law (with an emphasis on fraud).

His early years at the Bar focused upon criminal law jury trials in the District and Supreme Court. He also conducted civil trials in insurance law (particularly in respect to matters arising under the Insurance Contracts Act and fraud related claims). William has maintained his interest in the criminal law area having undertaken prosecution and defence work since, including prosecution work on behalf of the RSPCA and more recently on behalf of the Commonwealth DPP.

William has also developed a significant practice in public liability and CTP litigation. He is regularly retained on behalf of most CTP insurers in all claims including significant liability disputes and major/catastrophic claims. He also works on behalf of Plaintiffs/Claimants.

In the common law/insurance field he specialises in fraud related claims, drawing upon his criminal law background and experience.

In 2003 William was appointed as a CARS Assessor, a statutory appointment pursuant to the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 and has served as a CARS Assessor ever since.

He has appeared administrative law cases arising from decisions made under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act.

William appears at all jurisdictional levels (Local Court – criminal and insurance fraud, District Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal). William is also regularly retained to appear in the Australian Capital Territory, and in particular the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in common law matters.

Doyle’s Guide 2019 lists William as one of the states Leading Insurance Law Barristers. See: www.doylesguide.com

In 2017 he was appointed as a Claims Assessor by the ACT Government under the Lifetime Care and Support (Catastrophic Injuries) Appointment Regulation.

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